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weather center. >> the one positive of sandy is t is coming ashore so rapidly, increasing speed, it is ashore not quite at the time of high tide. it looked like that would be the time it would be coming ashore. about the shore now. let me show you the regional doppler. this is how else looks right now. raining here,is equally snowing at the same rate. in the mountains of west virginia, those are the areas that are under a blizzard warning. the the centeree of sandy coming near oceant now city, new jersey. the track will take it across delaware bay. , the reinss around new york city, even into island, have not been as as they had been up through our area. can see these winds continue from the northwest. that is tending to drive the water out. we have had wind gusts up to 52 in the last hour. iran to atlantic city, the is bottoming. -- around advantage city, the is bottoming and will to our perhaps another two or 3 inches of rain. the total rainfall around the will be 5-6rea inches. 8:00 to midnight or 1:00 in the morning will be the time were we have to watch for more da
heard what sounded like a car crash. happened at 4:30 monday when sandy was picking up steam. a mother and father inside their in prince william county. >> it is devastating. r,en this book to topple ove splitting the home in half. tenantsateful his young are ok. i am grateful that nobody got h is miraculous in itself. of storms the sound across northern virginia .wo days after sandy even in arlington national powerful wind down old trees with ease, but the county government private companies responded swiftly and nonstop. it is good business for us. >> an enormous oak tree fell on in newrnes' home jersey. yes, but not when he looks north to new york. else, ired to everybody k we are lucky. >> in arlington county, 24 by trees,re blocked doing damage to cars.and in fairfax county, 60 homes were trees. by after i read last year -- after last year, people are familiar with how to deal with evens like these. thank you. crews in frederick county have two water rescues because of flooding. leftsay two men were to a tree yesterday after they decided to take an raft down the river. they also h
are all happy. millions of people remained without power to buy because of sandy. pepco reports about 7000 people are out of power. dominion house 60,000 people out and bgein the dark. coming up, autry and godfrey will have an update on the restoration of power. one of the efforts to keep the lights on ended with them being rushed off to the hospital. howard county fire crews found a generator running in this home with the real residence overrun by carbon monoxide fumes. one is said to be critically ill right now. the levels were 30 times higher than they should have been. >> trees and wires toppling but flooding was not as big of an issue as first feared. d.c. public schools will be open tomorrow. d.c. bureau chief sam ford continues our storm coverage from northwest d.c. clucks the toppled trees are about the biggest problem here in d.c. and d-dot received 500 incidents including this one on barnaby's street nw. southeast to northwest trees fell on houses as a sandy blew through the d.c. >> my dog was freaking out. >> in a convoy, mayor great toward the city. they were removing the tre
of hurricane sandy. there is a gasoline shortage in new jersey adding to the misery of storm victims. they have spent hours waiting only to find the pumps have run dry. police have been called out to keep order. gas lines are not the only things frustrating people in new york and new jersey. some people in s.i. say they feel like they are being forgotten -- staten say they feel like they are being forgotten. >> progress is being made, but there are many obstacles out there, like staten island, and patience is wearing thin. >> there is still 3 million people without power on the coast. people are not happy about the marathon taking place. >> tempers are running high, especially in waterlogged staten island. >> we are going to die. you do not understand. >> gasoline, food, and clothing. 20 people died on staten island. people are facing another night of darkness and cold. >> people are fighting. that sends people over the edge. >> the governor says relief is on the way. >> there should be an improvement in conditions and people should see it quickly. >> the ferry service and has resumed today. wa
from the waist down. >> there is a lot of work to do in sandy's aftermath. there is still a mess at this of work to still be done. as you travel around the area, it was not hard to hear the buzz of the chain saws as the crews worked to chalk up big trees like this one. they came down in the storm. this tree went down and caused a lot of damage. when sandy blew in, down with this huge tree. this is the damage and the mess it left behind. >> i feel so sorry. this is more damage. >> no one was hurt but people in this neighborhood are waiting for help in the person of tree cutters to come in and hall of this big oak. halfthey were they were busy today. the order of the day was taking down these trees. >> [inaudible] it was not [inaudible] and still come down. >> this is a great thing. was not hard finding limbs and trees. >> that is nature and -- [inaudible] >> this is a sign of the day. motorists were assigned. chopped up, throughout my and -- threw out and cleaned up the mess. while the folks here wait to have this tree removed, better news for people without power. pepco has is cu
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5